iMagi's Creation Story

Cuba 2036, after the effects of climate change take a toll on humanity and The Rights of Mother Earth were declared, an educational community was formed to become a template for sustainable living, iMagi School for Young Creators.

Explores the story of three talented prodigies and their classmates, as they tour through the school grounds exploring the arts, technology and spirituality, closing the night with a full moon celebration.

A bond between soul family which surpasses many lifetimes throughout time.

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iMagi's Creation Story

This book paints a powerful vision for the future generations in which we have globally transitioned into a world where we no longer destroy mother earth but, instead, are her guardians and caretakers. It projects a new educational model that is incredibly holistic, helping the younger generations to cultivate wellness of mind, body and spirit. It weaves together both technology and ancient wisdom traditions and is an excellent expression & embodiment of the Prophecy of the Eagle & Condor.
In the intense time period we currently live in, we need more positive visions of the future - of what we all collectively want - to be seeds sown into our collective consciousness, ESPECIALLY for the future generations. They need a story that shows how we've collectively made the right choices to protect mother earth and how we've succeeded in learning how to live in harmony with all life. 

The art is beautiful and tells its own story along with the powerful dialogue of the story.

Creative Education

The philosophy behind using the creative arts as a path to awakening inner peace and co-creation. 


Ancestral wisdom, culture & religion as a way of life for the coming generations. Exploring a new world consciousness, through the arts, plant medicines and self-inquiry.


The future in innovation, new technologies integrated in education and the evolution of Mother Nature.

Book 2


Explores Luna's experience in her rights of passage of her coming of age years. A journey through her future and past lives gaining insight of her origins and sacred gifts.

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Book 3


Luna, now an adolescent, explores her past and future life's as they become entangled with revelations of her destiny and  gifts and how they play a visionary key role in iMagi's story of creation. 

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